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  • Worldwide suppliers in one box
  • Fast door to door shipping
  • No minimum order


  • Over 30 years of getting it right
  • Best knowledge in the industry
  • Customers in over 50 countries

Customer Service

  • Services tailored especially for you
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Flexible credit terms


All your school orders processed, invoiced and delivered together at no extra cost!

Access to suppliers and publishers from the UK, US, Europe and elsewhere

Selection support, from bibliographies to catalogue packs

Browse over 127,000 books and 137,000 educational resources to create lists for quotation

Search by subject, age range, exam and curricula to find exactly what you need, all in one place

Track your orders, line by line!

Offer your new teachers an easy way to relocate their belongings

Include teacher personal effects in your Mallory deliveries

We will liase with teachers on your behalf, to collect and send their belongings at minimal cost

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