We’ve shipped 76 school orders globally since April, including 7 containers

Here at Mallory we thought it was time to give you some stats, so you can see how things are going. Of course, things are not quite as easy as they previously were, but we are very much still active. We’ve had courier, air, sea and road shipments all leave our warehouse since April.

If you need school supplies, you can rely on us!


What have we shipped and to where?

    • over 23,000 books
    • over 14,000 resources
    • including 7 container loads
    • to 40 countries globally

Should I get in touch?

Absolutely! If you’d like a chat just email us on schools@malloryint.co.uk and we will arrange a conversation.


If you still need to order your UK school supplies you can email schools@malloryint.co.uk or you can register with our portal here