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We publish a wide range of books for pre- and in-service teachers, teacher educators, and educational researchers. On our site, you can explore our key textbooks by leading experts in the field, browse through useful resources for professional development, and read about our cutting-edge research monographs and handbooks. You will also find all the latest news about our authors, new and bestselling books, and conferences and events.

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Explore our portfolio of Routledge and David Fulton Books, that cover Classroom Practice, Early Years, Inclusion and Special Educational Needs, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Continuing Professional Development, Teaching Assistants, and more in the subject of Education.

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Routledge Eye On Education publishes practical books for teachers, administrators, and other educators. All of our publications are peer-reviewed. They provide busy educators with useful information on professional development, educational leadership, school improvement, student assessment, data analysis, teaching skills, and other education topics.