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Collins brings together William Collins’ 1819 vision to create ‘knowledge for all’ with forward thinking ideas to help schools deliver excellent learning today. The Collins brand is known throughout the world for providing accessible, authoritative and informative content in print and digital format.

We offer an extensive range of Education resources for Primary, Secondary, and ELT (English Language Teaching), as well as market-leading dictionaries, atlases and revision guides. We publish for a wide range of curricula, both UK and International, and for a wide range of exams, including a full range of English language exams. We are widely recognised and highly-regarded by teachers, parents and students.

Collins is also a pioneer in reference publishing – developing practical, up-to-date, accessible reference books spanning many areas of interest. Whether people want to learn a language, get from A to B, or take up a new hobby from bird-watching to star-gazing, there is something for everyone.