Personal Effects Service

As an International School you may well be employing teachers from the UK. No one wants such an exciting adventure to be overwhelmed by the time consuming, often complicated, procedure of relocating material belongings; it is hard enough sorting out everything else! Inevitably the school does get involved in the logistics of moving, but it can be tiresome. We would like to take this logistical challenge off your hands. If you already use our services for consolidation then we are more than happy to include teacher personal effects in your shipment; or even separately if so desired.

If the school is offering this as a service to teachers, then all we need from you is the teacher contact details and the weight of their freight allowance. Simple!

We will

  • Collect packing lists, weights and dimensions from your teachers

  • Advise on packing methods – you would be surprised how many questions teachers have, and how oddly shaped their belongings can be!

  • Personally collect from their door, at a time that suits them

  • Repack if necessary, making everything export ready

  • Provide the necessary documentation

  • Ship as instructed

Charges for the service can all go onto your school account and are extremely competitive. The freight charges themselves are all at cost, and as we are constantly shipping worldwide the prices are very good.

We strongly recommend this be done in conjunction with your school orders, and offered to the teachers by the school. However, if you are unable to fund this for new recruits, we can provide the service through individual teacher accounts.